-->My name is Klanz Lee and I am currently in Year 1 of Polytechnic.
-->My age is 18 this year.
I have gained Leadership skills and self-management skills throughout my secondary school life and my Polytechnic Foundation Year and for the technical part, I am still learning my programming and computing subjects currently.
My only career has been in the F&B industry at McDonalds and helping out at a ITshow.
I am a person that finishes what needs to be done on time even if I procrastinate sometimes I will still do my work on time.

My work etiquette is that I like to do my work on my own so everyone has their part to play if it is a group project and that I deal with my own work and expect my team mates to do their part and always expect the worse in case my team mates don't do their part so I will be prepared for that.